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Combining SPOT with Google

It took a little while to get the icons showing up on our map but they’re here now! Kenyon’s route is yet to be traced between waypoints but to create an exact trace through google maps is no easy feat. It requires a load of patience and the willingness to lose all one’s hair in the process. Fortunately, from the start, neither of us had enough hair to actually worry about.

We plan to add to the google map – a rough route of our drive north from Queenstown through to Cape Reinga. For anyone who plans on preparing for the hike the same way as Ken, dropping off food supplies on both islands, this is the shortest driving route possible. We had some fantastic views and enjoyed some great locations along the way. Our total distance covered by road was 3220km. Take off a couple of hundred km or so for doubling back on Ninety Mile Beach and you’ll be up for a 3000km road trip. A great way to see this amazing country and what it has to offer.

The map below is a graphical representation of Ken’s predicted route. The “Orange Line” extends the length of New Zealand from Cape Reinga in the north to Bluff in the south. Parts of Ken’s chosen route stray from the Te Araroa Trail into areas he’d prefer to explore. Distances have been calculated using the trail notes from “The Long Pathway”“.

To view map in larger format:

Click on map till it’s viewed in a separate browser window. Then click again to enlarge it further.

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