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On to Kereru Farmstay

It was difficult to drag myself out of the tent after such a deep sleep. I could have slept for hours longer. It was still quite cool outside. A lengthy road walk lay ahead of me today. Hiking on roads is tough on the joints but fortunately my pack was lighter after a few days of eating my way into the last food drop which reduced the impact significantly. 28 km of sealed road lead me into Mercer. I was picked up by Alex from Kereru Farmstay where I thoroughly enjoyed my stay.  Read more

Traverse Update

While the blog naturally runs behind by a few days, I’ll be adding quick November updates from my phone to this escalating post – “Traverse Update”. Read more

Ocean Beach

My tent was pretty close to the main road so after packing up it wasn’t long before I was making good ground. I had breakfast whilst walking to make up for the slow progress yesterday. My pack would be lighter if I’d had eaten dinner last night. I’ll stop and have a double dinner along the way somewhere. Read more

October Updates

Sunday 30th October:
After a few days recovery in Kerikeri, I moved on to Paihia. Back on the track, I felt pleased to be making progress, hiking through dense forests, but at the same time I knew I had some serious ground to gain. Read more

SPOT Messenger

At first I wasn’t sure whether I wanted the SPOT2, but after reading up on all the features it had to offer – I was convinced it would serve a good enough purpose for my hike.   . . . so far it’s been great! Read more

Escaping the Raetea Forest

After escaping the Raetea Forest I was faced with the gauntlet of the windy State Highway 1 from the saddle towards Mangamuka Bridge. There was a lot more space on the side of the road than I remember from when Gordon and I drove north on our way up to Cape Reinga. A couple of vehicles stopped and asked if I wanted a ride.  Read more

Lacking Orange

Before setting out I enjoyed the morning light
as it dried out my clothes from yesterday.
So peaceful out here. I was actually thinking where are all the other millions of people in the world? Why are they not here to enjoy this too? A couple of hours later my question would be firmly answered as I felt like throwing in the towel once I was deep into the Raetea Forest.  Read more

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