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Traverse Update

While the blog naturally runs behind by a few days, I’ll be adding quick November updates from my phone to this escalating post – “Traverse Update”. Read more

October Updates

Sunday 30th October:
After a few days recovery in Kerikeri, I moved on to Paihia. Back on the track, I felt pleased to be making progress, hiking through dense forests, but at the same time I knew I had some serious ground to gain. Read more

Solo Man

It’s just me on my own now. Gordon flew back to Sydney yesterday and just as he drove down the driveway, the rain came bucketing down. I ran back to my “container”.  Read more

Kararu Farm Stay

On our way up to Auckland we stopped by Kararu Farm where we had pre-arranged to drop off a food box. Anke and Alex, the owners of the farm, invited us in for a cup of tea. They also offered us their driveway to park our motorhome in so we could sleep there for the night. Read more

Surprise Farm Stay

It was pouring with rain as we were driving along a dirt road towards our food drop location of Otaki Forks. We came across a sign which warned against heavy vehicles continuing further due to the road being unstable so we turned around and started looking for other options. About 10 minutes later, as we turned onto another road, Read more

Not a Moments Rest

Our days are busy and pass in a flash. There is always something that has to be done. Driving, journal entries, sealing food drops, dropping food boxes off, shopping for food, preparing meals (we need a chef), laundry, and not to mention the blog. Read more

Island Hopping

We almost missed the boat again! The alarm woke us up on time and our campsite couldn’t have been any closer to the ferry terminal. It was the rain that lured us into a second sleep and my alarm doesn’t have a snooze function on it.  Read more

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