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Riverton to Invercargill

Hiking Days Remaining: 2
Remaining Distance: 38km
Distance Covered: 3263km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 146

For today, the tide determined when I would set out hiking. I required an early start as it would take six hours to hike Oreti Beach at low tide. I factored in an extra hour for a break as well as the crossing of The Waimatuku River. This would be the last of the beach hiking on this trail. Read more


Up early to race for low tide on the beach which was still a reasonable hike away. Shelly offered to cook sausages for breakfast but I think the girls only woke around 8am and I was almost packed by then so I said goodbye and made for the forest that lay between me and the beach. I enjoyed hiking the shady road leading to the beach and it was low tide when I arrived.  Read more

Coasting Along

Up at 5:47 for the sunrise over the ocean. It wasn’t quite as spectacular as I thought it would be but I did enjoy it. The colours improved with time which is around the time I took this photo. The campsite will be one to remember and will certainly be hard to beat.  Read more

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