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Cape Reinga to Bluff – Without a Hitch!

Hiking Days Remaining: 0
Remaining Distance: 0km
Distance Covered: 3301km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 148

Only 13 kilometres remained until I would reach the very end of the trail – Stirling Point, Bluff!  Read more

Traverse Update

While the blog naturally runs behind by a few days, I’ll be adding quick November updates from my phone to this escalating post – “Traverse Update”. Read more

Whananaki Bridge

How nice would it have been to relax here at Teal Bay for another day? I was truly grateful for the hospitality I received and was reluctant to go but it was a long day ahead before I would reach Whananaki Bridge. So it was time to move on. Read more

October Updates

Sunday 30th October:
After a few days recovery in Kerikeri, I moved on to Paihia. Back on the track, I felt pleased to be making progress, hiking through dense forests, but at the same time I knew I had some serious ground to gain. Read more

Lacking Orange

Before setting out I enjoyed the morning light
as it dried out my clothes from yesterday.
So peaceful out here. I was actually thinking where are all the other millions of people in the world? Why are they not here to enjoy this too? A couple of hours later my question would be firmly answered as I felt like throwing in the towel once I was deep into the Raetea Forest.  Read more

Solo Man

It’s just me on my own now. Gordon flew back to Sydney yesterday and just as he drove down the driveway, the rain came bucketing down. I ran back to my “container”.  Read more

Mangamuka Approach

The track now heads South-East from Ahipara. Ken will be unable to access internet for a few days as he heads through the Herekino & Raetea Forests. The first part of the track is quite a steep climb through a mature broadleaf forest. It then becomes lined with a magnificent stand of Kauri trees draped with moss. Read more

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