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I’ll soon be adding a list of gear that I am hiking with and you’ll notice that bits of it are ultralight and some of it is just plain heavy. I can’t seem to hike amongst beautiful scenery without a decent camera. This time I have chosen the Canon G12 for its size, weight and manual versatility! So it’s actually the ultralight items that make way for the heavy items. I did plan on using the Sony Video Camcorder (HDR-XR550) in conjunction with the Canon G12 but this just tipped my base weight over the edge. Any camera would not be complete without its spare batteries, battery charger, cords, cleaning kit, camera case and dry bag. It was painful leaving the Sony HD behind but I just had to let it go. Decision made!

Out of all the hiking I have done none of it has been classed anywhere near ultralight (base pack weight below 4.5 kg or less / 10 pounds). Someday I’d like to get closer to the lightweight bracket (carrying a base pack weight below 9.1 kg / 20 pounds).

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