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Invercargill to Bluff Peninsular

Hiking Days Remaining: 1
Remaining Distance: 13km
Distance Covered: 3288km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 147

Oreti River Bridge was the starting point of my second last day of the trail. I couldn’t believe it when Gordon told me this morning that in twenty-four hours time I’d be at Bluff! Read more

Takitimu Forest Day Two

Days Remaining: 8
Remaining Distance: 190km
Distance Covered: 3111km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 140

A much easier day than yesterday. A few kilometers of river bank hiking led me to the fringe of the forest which I’d spend the next few hours hiking through to get to Lower Wairaki Hut. This was the quietest stretch of trail I’d ever come across. I was surrounded by dead silence.
Read more

Takitimu Forest Day One

Days Remaining: 9
Remaining Distance: 203km
Distance Covered: 3098km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 139

From the corner of Princhester Rd and State Highway 94, I set off for the Takitimu section. The 63km would take 3 days to cover and whilst I was looking forward to it I was dreading how cold I was going to get. Fresh dumpings of thick snow had fallen over the last 2 days. Read more

Mavora Lakes to Princhester Road

Remaining Distance: 318km
Distance Covered: 2982km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 133

Well, after an early morning start from Queenstown at 8am our transport has just dropped us off at Greenstone car park (the time this post was scheduled for). From here our five-day (94km) hike will take us south along the Mavora River, past North and South Mavora Lakes and on towards Princhester Rd. The start of todays hike will leave me with just 318km to Bluff. This will pass quickly, just like the rest of the hike, so I’ll be making the most of it. I’m especially looking forward to Read more

Wanaka to Queenstown

Remaining Distance: 405.19km
Distance Covered: 2894.81km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 130

Graeme and I enjoyed the hike through the Motatapu Valley from Wanaka to Queenstown and our knees knew all about it afterwards. What a workout! This section of hike took four days. Read more


Remaining Distance: 498.2km
Distance Covered: 2801.8km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 126

Last Wednesday morning while studying the map Ken was on, I suddenly felt sure of his precise location. Then, at that very moment the phone rang. It was Kenyon calling from a ridge while heading towards Lake Hawea. I asked him where he was in relation to a certain grid reference on the map. His answer; “right on that spot”. Read more

The Last Quarter

Departing Lake Tekapo for Twizel

Kenyon called me early this morning from his lake front cabin in Lake Tekapo. He mentioned that his hike over Two Thumb Range from Mesopotamia was another one of the highlights of his traverse to date. Views of Mt. Cook, snow, ice and the blue of Tekapo reflecting rays of sunlight up towards him, welcoming him into the last quarter of his traverse. Read more

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