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Struan Flat Road to Merrivale

Days Remaining: 6
Remaining Distance: 135.5km
Distance Covered: 3165.5km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 142

It was an early start to the day because the last 18.2km section of the day had to be completed in daylight hours only. The owners of the land had certain conditions that they wanted hikers to abide by and those were stated on the trail notes. The notes mentioned that prior permission had to be granted before hiking across the Island Bush Track. Read more

Wairaki Hut to Struan Flat Road

Days Remaining: 7
Remaining Distance: 163.5km
Distance Covered: 3137.5km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 141

This was one of my favourite days on the trail. I left the hut at 7:30am and hiked up the 1024m hill which I summited at around 10am. The going was slow and tiring but what a view from the top!
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Takitimu Forest Day Two

Days Remaining: 8
Remaining Distance: 190km
Distance Covered: 3111km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 140

A much easier day than yesterday. A few kilometers of river bank hiking led me to the fringe of the forest which I’d spend the next few hours hiking through to get to Lower Wairaki Hut. This was the quietest stretch of trail I’d ever come across. I was surrounded by dead silence.
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Takitimu Forest Day One

Days Remaining: 9
Remaining Distance: 203km
Distance Covered: 3098km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 139

From the corner of Princhester Rd and State Highway 94, I set off for the Takitimu section. The 63km would take 3 days to cover and whilst I was looking forward to it I was dreading how cold I was going to get. Fresh dumpings of thick snow had fallen over the last 2 days. Read more

Queenstown – Preparing for the home stretch

Gordon flew into Queenstown three days ago. We’ve been busy! Planning the remaining hiking days was complicated and took longer than expected. We printed the strip maps out from the Te Araroa website which look great and have the route marked including kilometer dots but the maps lack a lot of other information such as hut locations, streams, road names and other tracks etc.

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Awe of Mt Taranaki

I’ve flown past Mt Taranaki a few times but this time would be the time it appeared to stand out most of all. Whilst I won’t get that close to Taranaki on this hike, I will certainly see some great views of it along the way. With snow and surrounding cloud cover, this is one of those great views.  Read more

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