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Mavora Highlights

Days Remaining: 10
Distance Remaining: 224km
Distance Covered: 3076
Hiking Days: 138

With all the camping I’ve done on this traverse to date, I thought I’d left the worst of it behind, until we camped overnight at North Mavora Campground. This is where I woke to the feeling of something moderately heavy running across my sleeping bag in the middle of the night. Read more

Wanaka to Queenstown

Remaining Distance: 405.19km
Distance Covered: 2894.81km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 130

Graeme and I enjoyed the hike through the Motatapu Valley from Wanaka to Queenstown and our knees knew all about it afterwards. What a workout! This section of hike took four days. Read more

True Grit

I slept well after the long day yesterday. It was an easy downhill walk to Puketi Forest Hut although my blisters seemed to have grown during the night which made for slow hiking.
I stopped by a Kauri Reserve. It was well worth seeing the ancient green world of huge trees and rare birds. The pathway through the forest is created by huge Kauri trees and the fringing of colourful ferns along its edge kept luring me in.
I spent about an hour there just enjoying the amazing family of trees.

Read more

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