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On to Kereru Farmstay

It was difficult to drag myself out of the tent after such a deep sleep. I could have slept for hours longer. It was still quite cool outside. A lengthy road walk lay ahead of me today. Hiking on roads is tough on the joints but fortunately my pack was lighter after a few days of eating my way into the last food drop which reduced the impact significantly. 28 km of sealed road lead me into Mercer. I was picked up by Alex from Kereru Farmstay where I thoroughly enjoyed my stay.  Read more

Big City Lights!

I didn’t enjoy the hike into Auckland as much as I thought I would. Auckland took me straight back to Sydney. Lots of people – too many people. Wearing what I was, was enough to spark interest in people. I had a few enquiries as to where I was from which I quite liked but overall I felt the crowds after having been mostly on my own in areas.  Read more


Up early to race for low tide on the beach which was still a reasonable hike away. Shelly offered to cook sausages for breakfast but I think the girls only woke around 8am and I was almost packed by then so I said goodbye and made for the forest that lay between me and the beach. I enjoyed hiking the shady road leading to the beach and it was low tide when I arrived.  Read more

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