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Mavora Highlights

Days Remaining: 10
Distance Remaining: 224km
Distance Covered: 3076
Hiking Days: 138

With all the camping I’ve done on this traverse to date, I thought I’d left the worst of it behind, until we camped overnight at North Mavora Campground. This is where I woke to the feeling of something moderately heavy running across my sleeping bag in the middle of the night. Read more

Preparations for South Island

Kenyon and I spent the day in Wellington preparing for the Queen Charlotte track. First up, we booked ourselves onto Saturdays 1:30pm ferry and then headed downtown to the iSite (New Zealand’s visitor information network – 90 i-SITEs nationwide) to enquire about Queen Charlotte accommodation. We discovered that there was plenty of accommodation to consider along the trail. Read more

Coasting Along

Up at 5:47 for the sunrise over the ocean. It wasn’t quite as spectacular as I thought it would be but I did enjoy it. The colours improved with time which is around the time I took this photo. The campsite will be one to remember and will certainly be hard to beat.  Read more

Bream Head

The rain stopped and I was half asleep whilst walking along Ocean Beach with the headlamp on. I like hiking with this headlamp. It’s very bright (Fenix HL20) and waterproof too. Occasionally I’d switch it off and look at the stars. They were all so bright and I saw several shooting stars. Read more

SPOT Messenger

At first I wasn’t sure whether I wanted the SPOT2, but after reading up on all the features it had to offer – I was convinced it would serve a good enough purpose for my hike.   . . . so far it’s been great! Read more


Since there was rain about and there had been some heavy rain a few days before I bypassed the Puketi Forest and headed north into the forestry hills. I came across a closed gate and some signs that said the area was patrolled by security and that the logging company should be called before entering.  Read more

Escaping the Raetea Forest

After escaping the Raetea Forest I was faced with the gauntlet of the windy State Highway 1 from the saddle towards Mangamuka Bridge. There was a lot more space on the side of the road than I remember from when Gordon and I drove north on our way up to Cape Reinga. A couple of vehicles stopped and asked if I wanted a ride.  Read more

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