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Riverton to Invercargill

Hiking Days Remaining: 2
Remaining Distance: 38km
Distance Covered: 3263km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 146

For today, the tide determined when I would set out hiking. I required an early start as it would take six hours to hike Oreti Beach at low tide. I factored in an extra hour for a break as well as the crossing of The Waimatuku River. This would be the last of the beach hiking on this trail. Read more

Round Hill to Riverton

Hiking Days Remaining: 3
Remaining Distance: 63km
Distance Covered: 3238km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 145

The first 5.5km road section joins the southern end of the Longwood Forest Track with the Tihaka Beach Track. Only an hours hike to the ocean! I was excited to hear it again as it was three months ago since I last had the ocean right by the trail when I was hiking with Gordon on the Queen Charlotte Track. Read more

City to Half Moon Bay

A great day to hike along the shores of Auckland. I followed my own route out of the city to Half Moon Bay (heading east). I came across The Volkswagen Owners Club – specifically for NZ VW owners throughout the country who meet monthly for various events. I enjoyed having a look at what others are so passionate about and I couldn’t resist taking a few photos myself. Read more

Orewa to Okura River

From Orewa the trail took me through the residential roads and along some beaches to Whangaparaoa Peninsula and then it was all downhill to the Weiti River. As I arrived at the mariner I was greeted by Jan and Gunther who invited me in for tea. Read more


Up early to race for low tide on the beach which was still a reasonable hike away. Shelly offered to cook sausages for breakfast but I think the girls only woke around 8am and I was almost packed by then so I said goodbye and made for the forest that lay between me and the beach. I enjoyed hiking the shady road leading to the beach and it was low tide when I arrived.  Read more


After 10 days off the trail I was up at 4:30am packing for another day of hiking. The owner of the place I was staying at arranged for someone to give me a lift back to Marsden Point where I stepped off the trail for a break. The sun was rising as David drove me to where I wanted to start hiking. I knew it would be a great day although I was wondering how my feet would handle the 23km day ahead. Read more

Bream Head

The rain stopped and I was half asleep whilst walking along Ocean Beach with the headlamp on. I like hiking with this headlamp. It’s very bright (Fenix HL20) and waterproof too. Occasionally I’d switch it off and look at the stars. They were all so bright and I saw several shooting stars. Read more

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