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Wairaki Hut to Struan Flat Road

Days Remaining: 7
Remaining Distance: 163.5km
Distance Covered: 3137.5km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 141

This was one of my favourite days on the trail. I left the hut at 7:30am and hiked up the 1024m hill which I summited at around 10am. The going was slow and tiring but what a view from the top!

I saw many sights from up there including Hump Ridge (where I hiked with Gordon in 2008), the next few days of trail through Woodlaw and Longwood forests, the ocean, Stewart Island and… BLUFF! I was surprised that Bluff was not more visible after all the rain in the past few days. It hardly came out in the photos so I hope to get a better view of it from Longwood forest in two days time. I felt a little apprehensive looking out at Bluff only because I don’t know what lies beyond it. Sure, I know what fills my next two weeks after finishing the hike but when I get home there are many voids to fill. I suppose I’ll take it one day at a time just like I’ve been living this trail for the last seven months.

Hiking over the hills to Struan Flat Road reminded me of Switzerland with it’s snow covered mountain backgrounds and incredibly green rolling fields.

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  1. Adele gray #

    Hi Kenyon what a fantastic trip you have had! I’ve been following your posts after We meet you on the waitawaewae track. Fabulous photography and website graphics. You have given us much inspiration to get out there and enjoy more of nz.

    Saturday 5 May, 2012
    • Hi Adele! So great to hear from you! The Waitawaewae track doesn’t seem that long ago. This whole trip has flown by incredibly fast. At the moment I’m replying to you from Invercargill with only two days of hiking left. I really enjoyed meeting you and the others you were with on the track. My brother has put together the website and without his help I wouldn’t have been able to keep this blog going as the hike has kept me so busy. He’ll be please to hear you are enjoying the blog!

      Tuesday 8 May, 2012
  2. Hi Kenyon. We are really thinking of you as you near the end of your journey. It must be great to have your family there to share it with you. Your efforts are amazing. We will miss your posts and the fantastic photos you have shared with us. You are inspiration to us as we walk parts of the trail behind you and we feel privileged to have met you and shared some time with you.
    Gordon and Sharon

    Saturday 5 May, 2012
    • Hi Sharon,
      Yes, it’s been really great having the family here. They are enjoying the pick up and drop offs because they see parts of the trail and get to do a bit of hiking too. Due to how busy the trail kept me, I still have some gaps to fill on the blog which Gordon and I will get onto soon. I feel privileged to have met you both too and I’m looking forward to hearing how Gordon’s hiking goes as he heads for Bluff.

      Tuesday 8 May, 2012
      • The girls and I joined Gordon for Harper Pass in the holidays and he went onto Lake Coleridge by himself. We had perfect weather and all had a great time together. We bought Hannah a new Arn Pack for this, so she carried a bag of food, which made it even better for Gordon and myself.
        Gordon had planned to re-start at the Rakia today and go through to Lake Tekapo, but has delayed this a few days due to the weather. He will resume again in October and the girls and I will re-join him in the Wanaka or Queenstown area.

        Wednesday 9 May, 2012
  3. Frith Metford #

    Go Ken!! Admiring you on the mountain top, in your picture above. Thinking of you and wishing you all the right conditions for your Grande Finale!!

    Tuesday 8 May, 2012
    • Hi Frith,
      The views from those mountains were just how I imagined them to be. I was hoping for a clear day to end off with but the weatherman says otherwise. The forecast is often inaccurate here so fingers crossed for sunshine. See you when back in Sydney.

      Tuesday 8 May, 2012

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