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Takitimu Forest Day Two

Days Remaining: 8
Remaining Distance: 190km
Distance Covered: 3111km
Total Traverse Hiking Days: 140

A much easier day than yesterday. A few kilometers of river bank hiking led me to the fringe of the forest which I’d spend the next few hours hiking through to get to Lower Wairaki Hut. This was the quietest stretch of trail I’d ever come across. I was surrounded by dead silence.

Not a sound the entire way except for the occasional stream flowing by and the rythm of my footsteps. I took one break along the way where I sat on a log for half an hour. It was still so eerily quiet. Why are there no birds or animals around? I especially liked the last 3 kilometers to the hut which followed the true left bank of the Wairaki River.

Since I am planning on hiking past Martins Hut in a few days time, this would be my last hut on the trail. I think most people realise a journey is nearing it’s end when they recognise the last time they are to experience certain things that have been “routine”  for a while. A few weeks back I posted my last box of excess supplies forward, from Wanaka to Queenstown. A few nights ago I had my last night in the tent when I was camping with Gordon at Cow Shit Paddock. Tonight I’d make the last hut fire for this hike.

Tomorrow I’d meet up with Gordon and my parents and for the five remaining days up to Bluff I’ll be staying in accommodation off the trail. At the beginning of each day I’ll be dropped back at the point where I ended the previous day’s hike, with a bit of an overlap for good measure, remember . . . no hitching is one of my goals.

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