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The Last Quarter

Departing Lake Tekapo for Twizel

Kenyon called me early this morning from his lake front cabin in Lake Tekapo. He mentioned that his hike over Two Thumb Range from Mesopotamia was another one of the highlights of his traverse to date. Views of Mt. Cook, snow, ice and the blue of Tekapo reflecting rays of sunlight up towards him, welcoming him into the last quarter of his traverse. The hike into Lake Tekapo took forever as he could see the town for most of the day, just a dot on the horizon which only started growing in the last two hours of his hike.

After our call he rushed into town to check emails and grab a few last-minute-items before his hike through to Twizel. He really wanted to spend time replying to every comment left on the blog but unfortunately he’ll only be getting around to it in a few  days from now. For Kenyon, the most agonising part of the traverse is not having enough time to spend on friends along the way. Both Ken and I have realised just how difficult the inclusion of a blog site can be on a full season hike, but all the while it’s made the experience what it is. Hearing from people in different parts of the world – priceless!

Later in my day when I was at gym I received an email from him. He was camped under some pine trees on the south-east bank of Lake Pukaki. The trees can be seen surrounding his SPOT position on the google map below (if zoomed in).

The cold has closed in on New Zealand already. Now it’s just a matter of racing against the snow fall.

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  1. John Phillips #

    Congratulations on reaching ‘the last quarter’. You have been progressing quite fast. I was anxious about the snow and cold. Maybe you will be out of the mountains soon. That swing bridge must have been quite something – but consider if you had to go down into the river below! I envy all the beautiful vistas that you are traversing but you have earned it. I believe it is good to be away from the man-made world for a while and see the planet as it has always been and where time is eternal.
    I was reading about a fossil of early man or hominids from 3 million years ago. It provides perspective just as you experience from seeing the mountains and rivers as they have been for a long time. The temporal concerns of modern humans seen insignificant.
    Good luck as you enter the ‘last quarter’. Love John and Pip

    Thursday 29 March, 2012
    • Hi John,

      I really wish I could have replied earlier. You put it well there. It really has been quite an experience hiking through both islands. Some of the sections I’ve passed through really have felt untouched. They can’t be too different from thousands of years back. Lets hope they stay that way for others to enjoy.

      Thanks John, Kenyon.

      Friday 20 April, 2012
  2. Pammy #

    Two thumbs up for the hike from Mesopotamia, Ken – wish I had been there to share it!

    Thursday 29 March, 2012
    • Hi Mom,

      Fortunately that was the one and only big snow fall. It had me hot footing it there for a while. Seriously, Two Thumb Range was one of the most spectacular areas I’ve hiked through to date. Perhaps the snow added a bit of mystery to it? It would have been great to have you there sharing the experience. If only I had more time to spend in such areas. A revisit is in need.

      Cheers, Keno.

      Friday 20 April, 2012
  3. Surely the snowfall will make it all the more exciting and pretty…! 🙂

    Friday 30 March, 2012
    • For sure Fi! I was quite happy hiking down to Lake Tekapo in a white out! It made receiving my down jacket all the more enjoyable. Gordon posted it to me from the post office in St Leonards just around the corner from Gilroys, you know, the place you and Lisa like to meet up at!

      Friday 20 April, 2012

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