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Havelock to Pelorus Bridge

After saying goodbye to Gordon, he then climbed onboard the bus which had arrived right outside our accommodation. I then started on my hike out of Havelock. I wasn’t looking forward to hiking solo again but I had to get into that frame of mind – the sooner the better.

We had such a great time hiking from Ship Cove along the Queen Charlotte Track and into Havelock and once again it had all turned very quiet. I felt the same way when Gordon departed from Ahipara (Far North region) back in October. I’d say those are the two toughest days on the trail so far.

Who’s going to deliver all the jokes which keep the kilometres ticking over? The cattle weren’t showing any sign of potential.

So, I wasn’t in the best of spirits when I hiked out of Havelock that day but by the time I arrived at Pelorus Bridge Campsite I had regained my solo thought patterns. I was hiking my dream – “the South Island” which really started back at Ship Cove but I was again having to drive my solo adventure.

After 7.5km of Daltons Track I finally I reached Pelorus Bridge! Now, even though the bridge has played an important part in the area’s history, this day’s focus was on the lasagne that awaited my arrival on the far side of this historic structure – a good enough reason to build a bridge here in the first place.

The Pelorus Bridge campsite was quite impressive and there were lots of people camping there so the loneliness dissipated somewhat. Conveniently, I had arrived just in time to fit in a quick bite to eat at the café which was about to close. I had a flavoursome vegetarian lasagne and was quite happy not having to think about cooking dinner that night, followed by washing up. Not having to do those two things saves a lot of time and I put that time towards an early night which I really needed. I remembered thinking that after six months of washing pots and pans by hand, I’d have more appreciation for my dishwasher and trusty power-balls back home.

After dinner, I picked out a level area for the tent and when my head hit the pillow I was out for the count.

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  1. Great photos, Ken, love the mist! What an amazing journey you’re on!! 🙂

    Saturday 24 March, 2012
    • Yes, the mist, a bit like your homeland. Pity that case of yours has drawn out like it has but then again it’s probably quite interesting. In the mean time, New Zealand’s version of Scotland awaits you.

      See you Fi.

      Friday 20 April, 2012

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