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Land of the Long To Do List

Hi to those that are wondering where the bloody hell am I. I’m not one for sending group emails but it’s times like these where – it’s got to happen.

It’s about time I send this email off because there are some people who I still have not contacted since leaving Australia for this grand trip.

I am behind schedule and, I’ve had to spend more time hiking during the day which, for me, is a plus of course but the downside is that there isn’t much time left for keeping in touch with those that I would like to be in touch with – that’s you! I had great plans of keeping in touch with everyone but the communication part of this trip has not been easy at all. In fact it has been very frustrating.

A quick update whilst I have the rare opportunity to email access – Yesterday I arrived in a smallish town called Wanganui which is on the south-west coast of New Zealand’s North Island. I should have started the South Island by now so I have some catching up to do before winter gets me. Whilst here I’ve been fixing a few things, arranging a replacement water purifier to be delivered to me further down the track, hanging the tent out to dry, packing for tomorrows next section, washing clothes, hanging the washing up, rain comes down hard and wets the almost dry washing so put clothes in dryer till some shrink, writing the daily journal which I am a bit behind on (don’t ask me how far behind :)), replying to blog comments way to briefly for my liking, finding a place in town that can make a healthy meal because it’s been a while since I had one (a healthy meal), wax the boots again, get the other strand of hair cut, arrange more funds to be transferred to my NZ bank account which took too long at the bank, grocery shopping, cook dinner. That’s a typical day off from the trail and after all that I feel like a day off.

So, I am basically saying that whilst I have not been in touch I do think of you during my days here. There will come a time when I stop being so busy and will finally get to catch up with you and find out all that you have been doing whilst I’ve mainly been hiking, camping and killing sand flies.

I’m not sure when I’ll next see the internet in the up coming weeks as I make up a bit of time on this trail.


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  1. Norm #

    Mr Kenyon

    Long time………apologies but have been off line for the past three weeks due to technical difficulties………well TPG anyway, since I swapped over from Optus…….big mistake……..!

    Anyway enough of that rubbish…….how are you young Sir…? Well I trust and marching towards the South Island as planned……..or, perhaps you’re already there and are now looking at the finishing line………????

    So, how’s things going? How’s the feet? Are you still on track………timewise that is…….I’m assuming your still very much on track…trackwise???

    Missed you’re most enjoyable reports of your journey, not to mention the rather splendid photographs…….I’m guess you’ve still been taking them and will doubtless release them in the form of a coffee table book about your exploits………come to think of it…….that’s not a bad idea is it………just remember who’s idea it was when the royalties come rolling in and you move to Hollywood with the other rich and famous folk of the world….!!!!

    What’s the wheather been like of late……..hopefully not as bad as here, which you’ve probably seen and/or heard about……..floods in Qld and northern NSW and some really big storms here in good old Sydney Town.

    Again apologies for not keeping in touch but certainly look forward to hearing your latest update soon. I hope.

    All the very best

    Norm and LQ

    Sunday 12 February, 2012
    • Hi Norman!

      Just making the most of this novelty internet time before hitting the trail in a few minutes time. I don’t miss all the tech trouble that one deals with from day to day life. That’s been one of the huge advantages although at times I get frustrated that I cannot contact people when I would very much like to such as a wedding going on or a baby being born. I tried the whole telepathy thing out but I din’t get any responses.

      Feet are behaving themselves thanks. No more signs of plantar fascia thank goodness! Blisters still come and go though.

      I didn’t hear anything about the floods in QLD and northern NSW until I spoke to family over the phone but by then it was old news. I heard that Sydney has been gettting a lot of rain. Glad I’m not there during those storms! The interesting thing is that whilst I have had a lot of rain – I have only heard thunder once and only saw lightening a couple of times on this whole trip.

      I’ll be in touch when I reach Hanmer Springs. I’m excited to hear about when you might be able to make it over for a few days of hiking!! I’m hoping that Jason will be able to make it too!

      Bye for now,

      Thursday 23 February, 2012

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