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On to Kereru Farmstay

It was difficult to drag myself out of the tent after such a deep sleep. I could have slept for hours longer. It was still quite cool outside. A lengthy road walk lay ahead of me today. Hiking on roads is tough on the joints but fortunately my pack was lighter after a few days of eating my way into the last food drop which reduced the impact significantly. 28 km of sealed road lead me into Mercer. I was picked up by Alex from Kereru Farmstay where I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. 

There’s not much more I can share from todays hike. I can see and understand why some people would just hitch their way through stretches like today but for myself, I can’t have it both ways. I’ve asked myself a few times already “Why am I here?” – but it’s all part of my traverse from North to South. For myself, there’s no other way around achieving the challenge of hiking every step – so I keep on hiking with far greater respect for Forest Gump than I ever had before.

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