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Clevedon to Mangatawhiri Dam

From Clevedon I hiked towards the Huanua Ranges. Every once in a while I’d walk past a tree-lined drive which would make me wonder how nice it would be to arrive home to such a layout. A great way to start and finish time spent away from home. I wonder who rakes the leaves? I was also surprised to come across some really nice tracks such as the Massey Track and Wairoa Cosseys Track which really were a pleasure to hike through. Some trails were well-worn yet others were rather neglected.

It took quite some time to reach Wairoa Dam. I camped at Upper Mangatawhiri Dam. There was a water supply there and purification was recommended but it was convenient nevertheless. It was quite a cold night but I was exhausted so slept incredibly well.

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  1. John Phillips #

    The photos are great. What a beautiful area. I know you are well beyond this place now – south of Palmerston North I believe. Are you on track to reach Wellington by late January?
    We are set to fly to Auckland on Sunday arriving Tuesday

    Friday 20 January, 2012

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