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City to Half Moon Bay

A great day to hike along the shores of Auckland. I followed my own route out of the city to Half Moon Bay (heading east). I came across The Volkswagen Owners Club – specifically for NZ VW owners throughout the country who meet monthly for various events. I enjoyed having a look at what others are so passionate about and I couldn’t resist taking a few photos myself. I’ve included one of the favourites of the day.

It’s strange to think that I first saw Herbie in Anchorage many years ago and here he is in Auckland. A bit like Santa in a way. He’s everywhere but the magic still sticks.

Along the way I met Ryan and Rachel. They invited me into their home and gave me a much-needed cool drink. It was so nice to have a break from the heat and to talk to both of them for a while. Ryan set me on the right track from there as my 1:50,000 scale map did not show the cliff I was heading for which would have stopped me in my tracks.

The route I planned months ago took me through some beautiful areas and I finished hiking for the day at Half Moon Bay. I then caught the ferry back to the city to pick up a few supplies for the long hike south.

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  1. John Phillips #

    We will be in Wellington on Jan 29th after driving down the east coast in a campervan with Jon and Diane and Tess. Can we meet you somewhere around there. We could perhaps drive to meet you if you are near a road. I see that you are far in the mountains right now! We take the ferry to Picton on Feb 1st and spend four days in the Picton/Nelson area. Then we go to our house further around Golden Bay for two weeks.Then back to Nelson and fly to north island.
    We hope you are getting fair weather. Best wishes John and Pippa

    Friday 13 January, 2012

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