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Big City Lights!

I didn’t enjoy the hike into Auckland as much as I thought I would. Auckland took me straight back to Sydney. Lots of people – too many people. Wearing what I was, was enough to spark interest in people. I had a few enquiries as to where I was from which I quite liked but overall I felt the crowds after having been mostly on my own in areas. I did feel a bit out-of-place wearing hiking gear in the city and surrounding suburbs but I always felt welcome.

Half way through my day I stopped for a short break to enjoy a great view of Rangitoto Island. I felt much fitter, but I can distinctly remember feeling and thinking “I’m tired”. To pass through this stage, I forced myself countless times not to look too far ahead. My first goal I set for myself was the city of Auckland which stood just around the next few turns. There wasn’t much more to my hiking day. I had made it and to celebrate I took out from my pack the last of my precious Goji Berries – coated in dark chocolate! I almost ate them the day before but I purposely saved them for this very occasion. Generally I always create something I can look forward to, whether it’s for one year ahead, two moths ahead or in this case – just one day away. I really should have packed more berries before leaving Sydney but with weight restrictions, sadly, in the final packing stage – I threw a couple of packets out thinking I wouldn’t need them. Days later, Gordon and I hunted around for more in Queenstown and odd supermarkets leading up to his departure in October but none were to be found. So that was it. All were gone.

After the ferry trip across to the city I headed for Base Backpackers for a couple of nights.

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