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The Hills Are Alive!

I woke to the sound of nature – actually it was the exact opposite. Huge bulldozers were digging up the earth just down the road – again. These massive machines must have lured me towards them because once I had started hiking I was completely unaware that I was leading myself further away from the trail. After backtracking 1km I soon found the minute Te Araroa sign nailed to a gate which I didn’t see the night before.

From there I hiked through Dunn’s Bush which was very scenic. The hills were alive with the sound of music… if there was music. I’m not a fan of that classic movie, simply because I can’t see what all the fuss is about, but the hills in this area did remind me of the hills in that movie.
The wind was making the tall grass dance and I really enjoyed walking through that area. It was very Von Trapp. I felt as though I should have at least packed my lederhosen for the day.

IMG_4232R (620x465)
It ended up being quite a short walk into Puhoi that day. Fortunately I made it to the accommodation before the rain set in but I was too late for the restaurants. Puhoi’s kitchens had already closed for the day so I ended up having dinner in Warkworth.

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