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Dome Forest to Dunn’s Bush

IMG_4150 Spot (120x120)I set out from Dome Forest Café to the very quaint town of Puhoi which took two days hiking. Much of this hike involved road walking yet as usual there was no shortage of splendid scenery. Some views reminded me a little of Switzerland with its green grass and grazing farm animals.Occasionally I came across short trails through forests which broke up the road sections. Towards Moir Hill I was on the lookout for water.

Since I was on a ridge the streams were well below me and were covered in bush and prickly gorse. I saw a house being built down the hill so I walked down to it hoping I’d find a tap but instead two big fierce-looking dogs came tearing towards me barking and snarling. I thought for a second or two that I might become their dinner.

The owner stepped out from his caravan in his bright orange gown and the dogs backed off. Relief! He gladly filled up my water bottle and I was soon walking over the other side of the hill with a colorful sunset in view. This is the life!

IMG_4152R (620x465)I found a nice level piece of grass and set up camp. The stars were very bright and I saw two shooting stars and promptly made a couple of wishes. I knew I’d sleep well after a fairly long day.

IMG_4168R (620x465)

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  1. Looks like you both had a great hike! Wish I was there!

    Wednesday 4 January, 2012
    • I do miss your company on the trail. It makes a huge difference to a long hiking day! Your time is almost here too! Looking forward to it. There are some really well maintained tracks and huts here which I know you’ll enjoy. There’s more of that on the South Island.

      Thanks for all your work on the blog. As you know I appreciate it a great deal. It’s great seeing the photos online.

      Will try Skype early tomorrow morning on my way out of town.

      Friday 13 January, 2012
  2. John Phillips #

    Hi Kenyon Great photos. I am sure it is good to have a companion on your hike. It is helpful for me to see the vegetation and scenery on our route before I get there. I know I will not see exactly what you saw but it gives me an idea of the terrain and beautiful forests and oceans.
    I know you will be doing less blogging but this has been good.
    Happy tramping into the New Year
    Best wishes form us all.

    Wednesday 4 January, 2012
    • Hi John, I feel like it’s been a month since I last communicated. It’s great to hear that you like the photos. I think you’ll see quite a bit of what I’m seeing here. As you may know, I take the photos for myself as I normally would which drives some people crazy, then being able to share them online is a bonus. It’s good to hear that you’re interested and enjoying them.

      Yes, hiking with Gordon has been good fun. Companionship and some fairly decent photos taken – goes a long way.

      Thanks for your New Years wishes. It’s been such a great year already and I hope yours is turning out just as fine.

      I hope Tess made sense of the fireworks on NYE? Happy New Year to all of you!

      Friday 13 January, 2012
  3. Joshua Hartwell #

    Hi Kenyon! Great looking trek there! That small little white house at the top of the face; where and what is that? Is that a place the public can visit, or is that the mentioned Dome Forest Cafe?

    Thank you.


    Wednesday 17 September, 2014

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