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Dome Forest

Up early again. A long distance day lay ahead and over some pretty steep hills too.I would finish my hike at Dome Forest which is about an hours drive north of Auckland…. for those of you in cars.

I had several forests to hike through on this day to get there and I enjoyed each of them. There were some good views to be seen from the ridges. The rain came in later on in the day which made it slow going and my estimated arrival time of 7pm turned out to be 8:45pm.

I walked the last part of this section in the dark with the headlight on. I was so hungry by the end of it so I splashed out and enjoyed a good meal at Warkworth where I stayed at Bridge House Lodge (believe it or not – a house by a bridge which was turned into a lodge).

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  1. Norm #

    Mr Kenyon…….it certainly sounds as if you’re still full of the joys of spring (even if it is summer now) and the posts and photos are just great. How are the feet holding up?

    May I be so bold as to ask…….where exactly are you now……….?

    Still trying to work out where you might be in March in order to join you……!

    All the best

    Norm & LQ

    Sunday 18 December, 2011
    • Hey Norm. Ha! Yes, you can ask where I am. The day you typed your comment I was hiking from Hauhungaroa Hut to Taumarunui. I then left Taumarunui and headed for National Park which was two days hike away. The weather turned on me as I was about to attempt the Tongariro crossing (north to south) so I stepped off the trail to spend a few days with family for Christmas. I’m hoping that soon the weather will be good for the crossing. Even though I have done it before I’d still like it to be apart of this thru hike.
      In March I expect to be roughly two thirds of the way down the South Island. I really do hope that we get to hike together along the trail somewhere. That really would be great. Please keep me updated on your plans so that I can do my best to meet up with you.
      Hope you enjoyed your Christmas! Hello to Le Quyen too!

      Tuesday 27 December, 2011
      • Norm #

        Hi there again young Kenyon

        It seems that you have answered nearly all the questions I posted in my last missive, in which case you’re probably wondering why the hell I asked them………I read the other email first, hence the overlap…….still it gives you something to read I suppose, even if it is old hat, as they say……..!

        I trust you had a wonderful time with your family at Christmas and you’ve taken lots of protein and carbs on board ready to burn off in the coming days…..?

        I will certainly be keeping you abreast of developments this end with regards to coming over in March and will certainly be looking forward to doing at least a small part of the trail with you, though no doubt by then you’ll be so superfit that I’ll have bucklys chance of keeping up…….still you can always put the kettle and have a nice brew waiting for me when I eventually do turn up………..!!!

        Once again…….take care and keep on trucking

        Norm and LQ

        Tuesday 27 December, 2011
  2. Hi Norm, By March I’m hoping to be able to make a quick brew as I hike and while the sun shines. No need for rests, just reach back for the billy, juggle a few things round and that will be it – brew for two! Seeing that you’re about to fly over all this way – I’d rather enjoy the hike with you.

    The Christmas break was fantastic and I’m hoping yours was just as good with LQ.

    I’m really enjoying the carbs and the fact that they just burn off is even better.

    Friday 13 January, 2012

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