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Traverse Update

While the blog naturally runs behind by a few days, I’ll be adding quick November updates from my phone to this escalating post – “Traverse Update”. Generally every ten days or so I have time to catch up on back-posts etc. So, if you don’t hear from me for a while you know that Gordon has been updating the blog where possible. In a few days from now all photos will wirelessly appear from my phone to Gordon’s PC in Sydney. Hopefully this will close the gap and keep things a little more current. Until then, just know that I’m having a great time exploring NZ!

Wednesday 16 November
I’m packing up and will start hiking again tomorrow morning from Marsden Point (just south of Whangarei). I’ve enjoyed the rest break very much and most of me wanted to keep hiking during that time but sometimes a rest is called for. I’m about 8 or 9 days from Auckland and I’m looking forward to hiking down the coast into the city.

Wednesday 2nd November:
Leaving Teal Bay, I set off for my next short-term goal – a camping spot I’d picked out months ago, alongside a bridge just on the water’s edge of Whananaki Inlet. Towards the end of this day, after hours of hiking, I found myself deep within another badly marked forest which cost me yet another 2.25hrs of hiking – and then I was finally there! Another great nights sleep – this time without the camera pack attached.

Tuesday 1st November:
After a great nights sleep I headed off, more rain, my destination – Helena Bay. I ended up cutting through a forest in search of a road that would lead me to a church. This is where I came across two very nice people – John and Jacki.

They kindly supplied fresh fruit and a sandwich for the road ahead. Could this country get any nicer? I doubt it! Later I reached Helena Bay and just around the corner from that, Teal Bay which is where I’d spend the night. David and Maureen, I can’t thank you enough for the warm welcome and for dropping everything and making me feel so at home.

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  1. Norm #

    Mr Kenyon

    It’s been a long time since we have heard from you…….one can only but hope that all is well and that your map reading skills have been up to the job and you’re not hopelessly lost somewhere….?

    So, where are you?

    How’s things going and what’s the weather been like?

    Trust that you’re enjoying yourself so much that you simply haven’t got the time to post here…….in which case, keep on trucking as they say.

    All the best

    Norm and LQ

    Tuesday 15 November, 2011
    • Hi Norm!

      All is well and I’m having a great time! A relaxing time too! Haven’t had much internet access along the trail but posts will be added shortly. I’ve just send off some photos to Gordon and he is going to upload them with news.

      I’m making my way back to Marsden Point tomorrow which is where I took a break from the trail (just south of Whangarei). Over the past few days I really have felt like hiking but sometimes the feet disagree. I’m looking forward to hitting the trail again on Thursday 17 Nov and I’m just days away from Auckland.

      OK, cheers for now Norm.

      Tuesday 15 November, 2011
  2. Norm #

    Hey there young Kenyon

    I knew all would be well……at least I hoped it would…..and all is by the sounds of things.

    Good to know that you’re OK and not lost………sorry to hear about the feet but “no pain…no gain” as they say ( I wonder who the hell “they” are and what do they know anyway?).

    Look forward to seeing some photos too.

    Take care my friend and good luck with the plates of meet….!

    Norm and LQ

    Tuesday 15 November, 2011
    • Ha ha! Yes, when you find out who “they” are then please let me know. They are probably the same people who predict the weather all the time. I haven’t been eating as much meat as I should have. More veges and fruit than anything but whilst resting I’ve packed on the weight I lost which is good. OK, cheers for now Norm! K

      Wednesday 16 November, 2011
  3. Norm #

    Morning Mr Kenyon……….though its probably afternoon in the land of the long white cloud..?

    Just to clear up a little confusion on my part……..the plates of meet were of course refering to your feet…….plates of meet=feet………anyway, its good to hear that you’re keeping up the calory intake……perhaps the odd road kill might add to the diet…???

    Speaking of the weather, what has it been like there. Here its been as hot as Hades by day and cool by night, and today it’s likely to unleash rainclouds galore. So how have you been managing in the rain, if, that is you’ve had much. Does it slow you down atall?

    How near to your schedule are you? And I’d still very much like to know your pack weight?

    Stay healthy and happy and look forward to the next installment.

    Norm and LQ

    Wednesday 16 November, 2011
    • Hi Norm and Le Quyen! I haven’t heard of feet been refered to in that way. So, another thing I have learnt from you. They are doing better now which has made the going a lot easier. I have only had about 5 rainy days and rain on other days that is too light for a rain jacket. Rain does definitely slow me down when packing up in the morning and some trails have been quite slippery when wet which makes the going slower. Yes, during the day it is fairly hot but on the overcast days it is just right for hiking. At night it does get quite a bit cooler. I don’t have a thermometer with me but sometimes it feels as though it gets to about 15C at night.
      My pack weight is about 11kg without food fuel and water. However, I have posted a few things back home and have bought additional items whilst here so that is just an estimate but a fairly accurate one. I’ll weight the contents again when I get back home.
      I have two schedules – schedule A is for when I am on time and the other (B) is 15 days behind. I have only just managed to gain one day ahead of (B) so I still have some catching up to do. I only just arrived in Auckland on Saturday 26 Nov. Then the day after I hiked to Half Moon Bay which is just south east of Auckland.

      Monday 28 November, 2011
      • Norm #

        Hey Mr Kenyon
        Good to hear from you, even beter to hear that you have reached Auckland and beyond. I’m sure you have other personal waypoints that you’ll tick off as you go, but I would assume that Auckland would be one of them……….?

        I suppose it was always going to be the case that you’d encounter some of the wet stuff sooner or later, afterall they don’t call it the land of the long white cloud for nothing. As a preference I actually enjoy walking in the rain as opposed to the heat, albeit it a tad slower. The heat I find too draining.

        Interesting to hear the pack weight as around the 11kg mark, impressive. You’ve obviously trimmed it back to the essentials only.

        What stuff did you send back and what did you buy over there?

        Are you surprised at your schedule, or given the feet problems do you think you’d be nearer the B schedule at this stage than the A schedule?

        I’m thinking that as time goes on you’ll be getting fitter and quicker, feet notwithstanding, and you’ll start eating into the B and heading for the A, hopefully so anyway?

        Did you go through Auckland or bypass it? I think I would like to bypass all the major cities just to avoid the temptation to linger too long.

        Anyway, you’re doing a splendid job and we all look forward to hearing of your exploits, so keep up the good work and we’ll look forward to reading your next installment.

        Take care and have fun

        Norm and LQ

        Monday 28 November, 2011
  4. Jas and Kel #

    Hi Kenyon! How’s the epic going? We’ve been following your posts of your adventures and having a chuckle at your stories. I can hear you describe the scene, it sounds fantastic! Stay well,

    Jas and Kel

    Saturday 19 November, 2011
    • Hi Jas and Kel! Yes, all is going well here. I walked through Auckland the day before yesterday. Just catchign up on emails etc. Pitty I have not been able to keep in touch more often. Still sorting the mobile phone out and hopefully today it will be working again. Keep well there and whilst I’m not it touch that ofen I do think of you both a lot. Hope all the preparations are going well!
      Kenyon 🙂

      Monday 28 November, 2011
  5. Hi “Mr Kenyon”! I hope your plans on this leg of your traverse go well and that you make it over to …….. in good time this evening.

    I’ll arrange a private courier to fly your phone over to you. I’m hoping life will be easier for you having your own phone as opposed to having my phone with you. For the last month family and friends have been calling NZ trying to get hold of me and I’ve been taking all your interesting calls here in Sydney. How confusing and amusing it’s all been! Hope the hiking goes well for you bro!

    Monday 21 November, 2011

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