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Catching Up

In mid October there were posts which were missing a few photos. Photos have now been uploaded for those who’d like to view them.

Posts with new photos include:
Oct 24: True Grit
Oct 23: Friction
Oct 22: Escaping the Raetea Forest
Oct 21: Lacking Orange
Oct 20: Feeling Alone
Oct 19: Solo Man

Just incase you hadn’t noticed, I’m now running more behind with posts than I ever thought possible. I’m hoping I’ll be able to make up for lost time in late December and early January when Ken takes a few days off.

One of the nicest parts of my days here in Sydney is seeing all the great places Ken has hiked into and the views he’s captured along the way. The hardest part is deciding which out of all the photos to include. I’m yet to get around to some of the video he’s sent over which really does convey some feeling of what it’s like to hike through some pretty remote and rugged terrain.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Gordon  : )

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  1. Vito #

    Hi Kenyon,

    Happy New Year. I’ve had a look at your blogs a few time but never got around to commenting … until now.

    The photography is great. There are so many wonderful pictures – it’s a pleasure to look through them.

    I felt sorry for you and your blisters early on. Hopefully your feet are fine now.

    I’ve noticed you’ve crossed the 1000 km mark a week or so ago. I bet you’re looking forward to the ferry crossing.

    Also, I think I’m going mad. I’m sure I saw three of you in one photo!


    Saturday 31 December, 2011
    • Hi Vito,

      Apologies for the late response. I really though I’d have more time off trail but sadly it’s been quite chaotic since the start. Not much of a spare moment in sight till I reach my final destination.

      Nice to hear that you like the photos. To stop and setup the tripod in low light goes against the grain at the time but rewarding weeks later.

      I’m still managing blisters even after 2500km. They’re joining me till the finish it seems.

      We’ve manage to trick you for all these years. We didn’t think you could cope with the three of us so we made out we were just twins! 🙂

      I’m still looking forward to that game night. We must set a date!

      Cheers, Kenyon.

      Saturday 31 March, 2012

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