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Bream Head

The rain stopped and I was half asleep whilst walking along Ocean Beach with the headlamp on. I like hiking with this headlamp. It’s very bright (Fenix HL20) and waterproof too. Occasionally I’d switch it off and look at the stars. They were all so bright and I saw several shooting stars.

I saw my star in the sky that I had given to myself when I was about 13. Nice to see it that morning. After an hour the sky started getting lighter. I was really tired after that rough night but very happy to be where I was and enjoyed the start to this new day. Bream Head stood tall on the horizon and I wondered if I would have enough energy to hike to the top of it later on in the day. I climbed over a small hill before getting to Ocean Beach settlement.

Yesterday Peter gave me directions to his sisters (Wendy) place. She lived just below Bream Head. It was about 8:30 when I approached their house and was greeted by Wendy and her husband Rupert and later Wendy’s daughter Robin. Rupert was just having breakfast and invited me in to join him. I was given the most delicious muesli with strawberries and a great tasting yoghurt. I forgot to ask what the yoghurt was but it was the best I’ve had.

We chatted for quite some time and it was great to get to know how they built their own house out of natural materials. They really did live in great surroundings with Bream Head towering over them. Sydney has nothing on this place. To think I’ll be returning to Military Road. I didn’t want to think about that anymore.

After filling up with 4 litres of water I unpacked on their lawn. I had to renew my blister plasters and the first-aid pack was under everything else in the pack so it all had to come out. Luckily the lawn wasn’t being mowed right then. My heels had become worse and I was in two minds about hiking up and along Bream Head (I feel better about calling my blisters “heels”). I’d been looking forward to this part of the trail for a long time.

I started taking the easy way to Urquharts Bay via the road and then turned back and started up the Bream Head track from Rupert and Wendy’s house. My heels are going to pay for this but I was right there at the base of the head and it was a great day for it. What an incredible view from the top it was.

I could see for days and days or maybe even a week. I was the only one up there the whole time it took to walk that track. It was tiring work and I was tempted to descend Peach Cove Track and take the road to Urquharts Bay but the unknown around every corner kept me going.

There were more great views but after hours of hiking I was truly ready to get off the high ridge and sleep it all off. I made it around to Urquharts Bay – my knees and toes – burning from the descent. I found a place a little further along at McKenzie Bay called Manai Gardens – a really cute little cottage with an interesting history. The owner (Moira), a very sweet and talkative person, showed me black and white photos of the cottage going back many years. The place had a really great feel to it. I was content being there for the night.

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  1. Great photos of the beach Keno! They take me back to Ninety Mile Beach which seems like it was so long ago since you were hiking alongside the car. I’m sorry I’m not there to hack open and pass you one of those cold coconuts that were rolling around under the back seat. I suppose you could always dream of them falling off trees as you pass them by? You’re making great progress – keep at it!

    Monday 7 November, 2011

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