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Teal Bay – Helena Bay

It rained through the night and when I woke up it stopped for a while. I should have taken that opportunity to pack up but I enjoyed just being still, listening to the forest wake to a new day. In that time the rain started up again. Packing always takes so much longer in the rain. The track today was all up on a ridge and passed by a couple of high points.

It rained all morning but the trail was well-formed and easy to follow although quite slippery. Some sections were quite overgrown and steep but overall the track went downhill. I decided to depart the ridge and walk down to the road because I could see that it was not raining lower down. Also there were a few slips coming up which I had read about and apparently a fair amount of bush-bashing would be required to bypass them. I didn’t see any streams even though it was raining. I passed by a church and knocked on the door. John and Jackie were inside and they invited me in. They allowed me to fill up my water bottles and also gave me an orange, apple and a sandwich. I said that I still had enough food in my pack but they insisted I take their food. How grateful I was and it was a real treat to munch on some fresh food for a change. Thank you John and Jackie for your kindness. I really enjoyed meeting you both. So it was road walking for the rest of the day.

Another driver stopped to see if I was alright and asked if I had anywhere to stay for the night and was concerned for me because it was almost night. I am always grateful when people stop to make sure that I am ok. I’ve never come across such friendliness in any other country.

I reached Teal Bay just after 6pm. Gordon and I were lucky enough to stumble across David and Maureen on our way up to Cape Reinga when we were looking for a place to keep one of the food boxes. David and Maureen kindly offered to keep it for me. I knocked on their door and they immediately invited me in. Nice to be out of the rain at last! David and Maureen were incredibly kind and helpful. My washing was done and I even had dinner cooked for me and dessert too! This just doesn’t happen on other hikes I’ve been on. I had a guest bedroom to sleep in and after a long wet day I sure did sleep well. You’re right Norm, it’s the sleep of the eternally knackered!

One other place worth mentioning before I end off todays post, is the art gallery and cafe which over looks Helena Bay. If you happen to be in the area it’s worth a visit. Pete and Jo, I was thinking of you while I hiked passed. At the time I was thinking of how nice it would be  to drop in for another chat. I would have done so had I not been running behind.

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  1. Norm #

    Mr Kenyon

    Great photos to add to the story of your long walk to freedom, and once again it would appear that you have had exceptional luck in meeting some really considerate and kind people……..may I suggest you don’t buy a lottery ticket as I think all your luck has come in other ways………and long may it continue to do so.

    I guess as long as the temp holds up OK then walking in the rain is not so much a hassle, more a pleasure you should embrace, at least that’s what I think, as most of my fondest memories involve getting wet but enjoying the experience at the same time.

    Of the track so far completed how much has been road walking as opposed to actual track tramping?

    How’s the equipment holding up? Would you change anything if you had the chance, add to, or throw away anything which you feel is perhaps unnecessary?

    Its really good to get the updates as I can only imagine how difficult it must be at times to find the time and inclination to do them. Keep up the good work.

    How’s the feet………plates of meet???

    Live long and prosper Mr Kenyon

    Norm and LQ

    Sunday 20 November, 2011
  2. Norm #

    P.S. What camera are you using………or are they from your phone cam………?

    Sunday 20 November, 2011
    • Hi Norm, as I’ve enjoyed getting to know the camera Ken’s using I’ll share with you some details. It’s the Canon PowerShot G12. Fairly extensive manual override functionality. The 2.8-inch tilt/swivel LCD display is one of the things I like about it most as it really takes the work out of shots in tight tricky corners/angles. There’s also a new high dynamic range shooting mode, which captures varied exposures, and then combines them in-camera to produce a single image with increased dynamic range. Ken took me through some of it’s many features on our way up to Cape Reinga. For it’s size and weight it really is quite a nice camera, but to be fair, there is a little Photoshop work done here and there behind the scenes so to speak. I’ll put further details up on the blog sometime.

      Sunday 20 November, 2011
  3. Norm #

    Hi Gordon

    Thanks for the info. Strange but true…..the G12 is the camera that we use on the bridge so whilst not a professional, I can appreciate how good they are. Great shots from Kenyon, with or without the odd touch-up.

    It’s certainly interesting to follow these up-dates, especially with a view to following in young Kenyons footsteps (figuratively speaking that is……otherwise I’d be making the same wrong turns as he…which of course I would prefer not to…!), albeit at some time in the future.

    Keep up the good work you guys.


    Thursday 24 November, 2011

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