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Clevedon to Mangatawhiri Dam

From Clevedon I hiked towards the Huanua Ranges. Every once in a while I’d walk past a tree-lined drive which would make me wonder how nice it would be to arrive home to such a layout. A great way to start and finish time spent away from home. I wonder who rakes the leaves? I was also surprised to come across some really nice tracks such as the Massey Track and Wairoa Cosseys Track which really were a pleasure to hike through. Some trails were well-worn yet others were rather neglected. Read more

Through to Clevedon

This morning I was looking forward to reaching the outskirts of Auckland and weaving my way through country areas where making ground is more efficient. At one particular crossroad, after about two hours out from Half Moon Bay, the farmlands started up again and there was much less traffic. Read more

City to Half Moon Bay

A great day to hike along the shores of Auckland. I followed my own route out of the city to Half Moon Bay (heading east). I came across The Volkswagen Owners Club – specifically for NZ VW owners throughout the country who meet monthly for various events. I enjoyed having a look at what others are so passionate about and I couldn’t resist taking a few photos myself. Read more

Big City Lights!

I didn’t enjoy the hike into Auckland as much as I thought I would. Auckland took me straight back to Sydney. Lots of people – too many people. Wearing what I was, was enough to spark interest in people. I had a few enquiries as to where I was from which I quite liked but overall I felt the crowds after having been mostly on my own in areas.  Read more

Orewa to Okura River

From Orewa the trail took me through the residential roads and along some beaches to Whangaparaoa Peninsula and then it was all downhill to the Weiti River. As I arrived at the mariner I was greeted by Jan and Gunther who invited me in for tea. Read more

Puhoi to Orewa

A very rainy morning! I hiked on towards the coastal town of Orewa.   Read more

The Hills Are Alive!

I woke to the sound of nature – actually it was the exact opposite. Huge bulldozers were digging up the earth just down the road – again.  Read more

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