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Road to Paihia

After a relaxing time in the small town of Kerikeri it was time to set off again for a days walk to the next costal town of Paihia. It was hard to leave the peaceful surrounds of the Woodlands Motel. I enjoyed my time there immensely and would like to have stayed longer. Wendi, Tony, David and Marg were a real pleasure to spend time with. I really enjoyed having dinner with them and was very grateful to be included.

From the Woodlands Motel I headed for the Hongi Hika Reserve which is a forest track that leads to the Stone Store and to other areas.

I really enjoyed hiking through that section again. I walked this path on one of my rest days so it was very familiar passing through tall trees and over a little wooden bridge and into the quiet residential area beyond.

It wasn’t far before I was on the road that lead to the forest which I hiked along for most of the day. Later, I was walking around a corner onto another road when a dog appeared out of some hedges and it was walking in my direction but looking the other way. I was surprised to see it and its sudden appearance gave me quite a fright. I kept walking towards it wondering what it’s reaction would be when it finally noticed my presence. It was a big muscular dog. Would he bark and attack me? On hearing my footsteps he suddenly turned and got the biggest fright. He fell to the ground and then quickly scurried away howling. I couldn’t stop laughing. It really was very funny. I felt sorry for the dog but I’m sure he got over it quickly.

After a fairly long and hot road walk I was now shaded by the forest and I only passed one other person for most of the day. I enjoyed the forest road as it wound it’s way towards Paihia. There were some nice views of the Bay of Islands along the way. I then took another break just before reaching the Waitangi Golf Course which is very scenic as it sits right alongside the ocean. There were about six horses nearby as I was putting on some sunscreen. I sneezed and they collectively galloped away in fright. I wasn’t doing too well with all the animals I had encountered.

I enjoyed the walk through the golf course and then into Paihia. The wind was picking up and the rain was coming in fast. I made it to the Paihia Kingsgate Autolodge just in time where my next food drop box was waiting for me. Later I strolled into the main street of Paihia and enjoyed the area for the short time I was there.

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  1. Jill Alexander #

    Beautiful trees!

    Thursday 17 November, 2011
    • Hi Jill. Yes, these trees certaily are beautiful. The Kauri trees are a sure favorite. Luckily there are still some standing since most of them were cut down for building homes and furniture.

      Monday 28 November, 2011
  2. John Phillips #

    Had not heard from you for a while, wondered if you were out of communication in the mountains! I am glad you are in friendlier terrain. It looks beautiful.
    Pippa and I and Jon and Diane are planning a visit to NZ and OZ in Jan/Feb/Mar. They will leave before us so we will be there in Feb mostly

    Friday 18 November, 2011
    • Hi John! Yes, I haven’t had much access to internet along the way. It certainly is beautiful here and there has hardly been a time on trail where it is just ordinary.
      Hopefully I will be able to meet up with you when you are here in NZ. I’ll keep in touch with you and see if there is a time where we might cross paths. That really would be great if we could meet up.
      Please say hi to everyone there for me. Kenyon

      Monday 28 November, 2011

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