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SPOT Messenger

At first I wasn’t sure whether I wanted the SPOT2, but after reading up on all the features it had to offer – I was convinced it would serve a good enough purpose for my hike.   . . . so far it’s been great!

Position updates on Route Page

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  1. John Phillips #

    This SPOT2 is great. You are being tracked by satellite! It helps me to see the terrain you have traversed. You have come a long way already. I can see the forests now. I hope you are out of the rain forest. It sounds really tough. Good luck on the next stretch. John and Pippa

    Friday 4 November, 2011
    • Hi John and Pippa. I’m enjoying the SPOT2 too! It’s incredibly accurate. I was just just looking over some of the positions recorded on Ninety Mile Beach which Ken and I marked at the end of every day. They’re right on the mark every time. What I like too, is when I receive an sms coupled by an email on my phone, I know it’s Ken letting me know that he’s finished hiking for the day.

      Tonights sms reads: “another tough day. can’t call it a trail. 5hrs for 1.9km of thorny bush. v-unpleasant but excellent sunset and calm night air.

      Friday 4 November, 2011
      • John Phillips #

        Hi Gordon. Good to hear from you. I do not see any posts from Ken since Oct 24 but I guess your are getting SMS. I think it is a good safety measure and gives you some assurance that you know where he is.
        I see he is still in really tough terrain. I hope he gets out of it soon and can make better progress.
        This blog is a great way to share the journey! I am now getting into it. I am sure it is really great for all the family back home and some encouragement for Ken also. It can be a lonely journey but I see he is meeting good people.
        Best wishes to all

        Saturday 5 November, 2011

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