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Feeling Alone

A strange feeling to have had the best company for a month (with my brother Gordon) and then to be suddenly on my own. I miss Gordon a lot. He just knew what had to be done and had a way of just making things happen. But as they say, you never know what the next few days in your life will bring. And with that, I was lucky enough to meet Andrea and Roxanne who were generous enough to offer me a lift back to where I had left off when Gordon was around. Great company they both were.

I could have done with more of that great company in the oncoming 48 hours of the trail. It felt really great hiking into the Herekino Forest as I had been waiting for the weather to clear for a few days. Months of hiking lay ahead and plenty of stories were yet to develop. The sun was out today at last. I felt as though this was a second start to the hike because it was so different from the start that Gordon and I made from Cape Reinga Lighthouse in the wind, rain and open space. The terrain from here would be very different. Mud,  . . . deep mud, was on my mind.

I was now on my own. I didn’t see anyone for the rest of the day until I reached Takahue.

Overall I enjoyed seeing the huge Kauri trees and the forest in general. I didn’t like that I had misplaced the Steripen. It turned into a long day and I felt dehydrated when I reached Takahue. I couldn’t find a good place to pitch the tent so I asked a farmer on Takahue Saddle Road if he had any ideas for a campsite. I was hoping he would offer a patch of his land for the night and he did. He gave a few options and one of them was in his lounge room. I didn’t want to intrude so I took another of his options and camped by the river which marked the border of his property. (See photos in next post).

I found a level spot just under two poplar trees. I felt quite unsettled and I think it was because I couldn’t find the water purifier earlier in the day. I found it quite manageable having only myself to blame rather than someone else.

I grabbed one hour of sleep that night. Not nearly enough to tackle the next days hike.

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  1. Norm #

    Young Mr Kenyon

    I trust the feeling of lonliness is only temporary and you’ll soon be in more less challenging country, which will lift the spirits no end. Nevertheless I would imagine that even with the difficulties you wouldn’t willingly swap your current situation for a long day in front of a computer screen……………would you?

    Every step you take is a step nearer the final destination, and when that day arrives, and I’ve no doubt it will, all the problems and doubts will be but a distant memory and you’ll feel the real joy of total achievement, and quite rightly so. Hang on in there my friend and you’ll pass these few testing times very soon.

    I trust you have now found the steripen? A useful item indeed, however there are many rivers and streams in NZ which are quite safe to drink from………problem is of course, you don’t find out until afterwards which are which…….nasty….!!!

    So what’s the latest on the blister front? And what about the SIM card?

    How are you tracking as far as your schedule is concerned? Where are you now in relation to where exactly you had planned to be on this day when all this reality was nothing more than a beautiful coloured map on your kitchen table?

    What’s the food situation like? Is there something you’re missing that you wish now you had taken, or something you have which you simply could do without?

    Obviously I’m hopeful of learning from your experience, and sadly, from your mistakes too (not that you’ve made any).

    Well young man I hope today, whichever one it is that you now find yourself reading this missive, has been a good day and the track is as sweet as a nut.

    Take care and remember you’re never alone (figuratively speaking that is)

    All the best

    Norm and LQ

    Thursday 3 November, 2011

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