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Mangamuka Approach

The track now heads South-East from Ahipara. Ken will be unable to access internet for a few days as he heads through the Herekino & Raetea Forests. The first part of the track is quite a steep climb through a mature broadleaf forest. It then becomes lined with a magnificent stand of Kauri trees draped with moss. From there his track weaves its way through the Raetea Forest, which is a mountainous region of native bushland located south of Kaitaia, then winds and undulates over the Mangamuka Gorge Saddle. This section of the track is often very muddy in places and affords magnificent views to the West coast and North. He is now passing through the Mangamuka Gorge Scenic Reserve.

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  1. jan #

    hope it keeps dry for you.
    Good luck

    Monday 24 October, 2011
    • Hi Jan, great to see you here! I reached Kerikeri yesterday and have some fairly large blisters to show for the last couple of days hiking. Having a great time though! Hope you’re well and thanks for your hopes towards lasting weather. It’s been a tough start.

      Tuesday 25 October, 2011
  2. John Phillips #

    Sounds like you are in the rainforest like British Columbia. If there is no trail it is almost impenetrable. Hope you have a good trail. Best wishes John and Pippa

    Monday 24 October, 2011
    • You’re right, almost impenetrable! Some parts have been a true test of patience and will but it’s all part of the hike I’ve chosen. It’s so nice to hear from the two of you. Tess may be able to post a comment too? Kids start early these days. Thanks for your kind wishes.

      Tuesday 25 October, 2011

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