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Cape Reinga Steers a Storm

Fantastic! Winds blowing a gale and heavy rain heading our way. I didn’t quite have this in mind for day one of The Te Araroa Trail.We had an early start from Ahipara this morning as we drove out at 5:15 and we arrived at Cape Reinga at 7:08am just in time to see Steven Maloney start his dream of running the length of New Zealand in forty days. Gordon and I really enjoyed meeting Steven and his father Terry who was there to support him throughout his epic run.

It didn’t take long for the rain to accompany the howling wind that greeted us at the Cape. We donned rainwear and gathered last-minute things before walking from the car park down to the lighthouse. We were the only ones there which was not surprising due to the weather.

We were lucky enough to get a glimpse of the sun whilst we were at the lighthouse taking photos.

Time to start the trail! We headed down the hill with sharp cliffs on our right. The wind was blowing us around quite a bit but when we got to the first beach we were protected for a short while. I still had the giant sand storms to look forward to. We spotted them from the lighthouse hours ago. For a minute I thought it could have been one of James Cameron’s special effects in real-time. Was he playing around with us?

It proved to be a wild weathered day and two hours in we were completely saturated. Our boots were overflowing with water. So it was squelchy steps for the rest of the day and it would take a further two days for our boots to dry out. I didn’t stop walking for the day as I knew I’d just get cold.

I knew that after hiking though and amongst sand dunes the sand would get everywhere but I didn’t realise it would get everywhere!

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