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Surprise Farm Stay

It was pouring with rain as we were driving along a dirt road towards our food drop location of Otaki Forks. We came across a sign which warned against heavy vehicles continuing further due to the road being unstable so we turned around and started looking for other options. About 10 minutes later, as we turned onto another road, we drove past a lady who was on her way into town. She kindly warned us of the logging trucks in the area and said it would be safer if we parked our motorhome on her farm about a kilometer away. We followed her directions and her husband Michael invited us in to their home. They also offered to look after the food drop that we didn’t get to drop at Otaki Forks. Thanks Julie and Michael for allowing us to camp on your property and for taking care of the food drop. We really appreciate it.

When the rain stopped we took a break from the driving and stretched our legs on Otaki Forks Road. I’m looking forward to walking down this long road in a few month time.

Farm dog “Carlo” was very at home on the back of his quad bike. What a life he must have!

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