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October Updates

Sunday 30th October:
After a few days recovery in Kerikeri, I moved on to Paihia. Back on the track, I felt pleased to be making progress, hiking through dense forests, but at the same time I knew I had some serious ground to gain. Read more

Russell Forest

All packed and ready for the hike out of Paihia – and by 11:15am I had reached Opua. I had to take the road way round because the tide was in. I caught the short ferry ride from Opua to Okiato. It only took a few minutes to get across to the other side.  Read more

Road to Paihia

After a relaxing time in the small town of Kerikeri it was time to set off again for a days walk to the next costal town of Paihia. It was hard to leave the peaceful surrounds of the Woodlands Motel. Read more

SPOT Messenger

At first I wasn’t sure whether I wanted the SPOT2, but after reading up on all the features it had to offer – I was convinced it would serve a good enough purpose for my hike.   . . . so far it’s been great! Read more

Kerikeri Hospitality

An incredibly slow and long walk into Kerikeri where I finally arrived at Woodlands Motel. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay here. The owners Tony and Wendi really looked after me well. One night I returned from a long walk and Wendi had dinner all ready and waiting for me. Read more

True Grit

I slept well after the long day yesterday. It was an easy downhill walk to Puketi Forest Hut although my blisters seemed to have grown during the night which made for slow hiking.
I stopped by a Kauri Reserve. It was well worth seeing the ancient green world of huge trees and rare birds. The pathway through the forest is created by huge Kauri trees and the fringing of colourful ferns along its edge kept luring me in.
I spent about an hour there just enjoying the amazing family of trees.

Read more


Since there was rain about and there had been some heavy rain a few days before I bypassed the Puketi Forest and headed north into the forestry hills. I came across a closed gate and some signs that said the area was patrolled by security and that the logging company should be called before entering.  Read more

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