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Queenstown Depleted Several Times Over

Buying and packing food in a small town has it’s good and bad points. We love the quiet roads and ample parking spaces but when it comes to buying food in Queenstown for an extended hike it takes quite a few trips to the supermarket to complete the check list.

Just two days into our trip I was handed the Rugby World Cup when I opened a bank account in Queenstown. I don’t even watch rugby but I accepted the cup anyway. After packing the food boxes the cup could not be found. I was worried that it had found it’s way into on of the boxes and that I’d have to haul it on the trail. I later discovered that Gordon had glued it to the front of the motorhome.

Before leaving Sydney I packed fifteen 500ml recycled water bottles and topped each of them up from fifteen 1 litre meths bottles bought in Queenstown. Depending on the length of each section between the 30 food drop locations I poured the right amount of meths into each bottle accordingly.

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  1. You know me well! I wouldn’t leave home without it. There’s more than one chicken salad per food drop box. Gordon and I are now in Havelock and I’ve ordered a chicken salad with a pot of world famous Havelock green shelled mussels.

    Tomorrow we are catching the ferry to Wellington. We start all over again covering the next island with supply boxes. Will be in touch again soon.

    Sunday 2 October, 2011

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