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Clear the Table

The time spent behind the computer seemed endless. Finally we have custom printed maps in hand! Thanks Gordo for all your help here. There is no way I’d have these personalised maps if it weren’t for you. I’ve only ever bought maps from shops before so this will add a new dimension to the hike and I think I’ll only fully appreciate these custom maps when I’m on the trail.

The initial planning started once I had the black and white maps printed and bound. Having kilometer markers laid down on the proposed route (by Adobe Illustrator and Gordon’s know-how) made planning food drops a lot quicker. The markers also make the reading of maps, day in and day out, quite pleasurable as the calculation for the most part has been taken care of.

Black and white maps bound

When I’m back home from the trip I’ll transfer my written notes from the maps I used on the trail to the map file on my computer. I’ll print out a final set which will be a visual diary of the hike indicating where I camped for the night and favorite views etc.

Foreground Map: South Island's Queen Charlotte Track.

Foreground Map: Cape Reinga - North Island. The start of the Te Araroa Trail.

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